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Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Trip to the Wiregrass Heritage Festival

Saturday, mama,Rebekah, Emily, Natalie and I went to the Heritage festival held at Landmark Park here in Alabama. It was a lot of fun and we took a lot of pictures! Here are some for your enjoyment. :-)

On the way there, we were listening to one of our favorite c.d.s and singing along.........

Apparently Natalie didn't like Bekah's singing.......:-(

We walked around for a good bit, looking at the exhibitions and all. We saw some old buildings that had been turned into old-timey shops, and mama had Bekah and Emily pose on the steps.

My friend Sarah, who plays the dulcimer, was there along with several other dulcimer players. They played a lot of hymns and folk songs, and did a very good job!

Sarah playing. Don't you just love her dress?

We stopped to admire some pigs.......they were kinda cute.:-)

Natalie really enjoyed getting to see the pigs......

and the goat. I posted this picture because this goat looks so much like a goat we use to have named Louisa. Except this one is about twice her size, and has horns........:-)

Old-timey soap making. I'm glad we can buy our soap now! It looks like fun when your standing there watching them, but after a while I'm sure it gets to be very hard.

One of the men in charge of fire wood saw Emily standing around idle........

and put her to work.:-)

Pull Emmi, pull!

A cooking demonstration.

What an interesting way to cook a chicken!

We decided to try out one of the walking trails with Mrs. Gillis and her son Daniel. The trail was a little bumpy for the stroller, but we managed to make it though.:-)

Here Bekah, Daniel and Emily have stopped to inspect a stream. We saw a lot of fish and even a turtle!

An old tree they cut down. The little cards mark each ring on the tree, showing how old the tree is. The first one starts with I think 900 a.d. Wow.........

After we got through on the walking trail, we went to get something to drink.

Natalie being silly for the camera.


I love this picture of Emily.......such a happy smile.:-)

All of us posing on the church steps.

Natalie stole Emilie's hat!

The whole day was a lot of fun! I can't wait to go back!

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