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Saturday, August 9, 2008

And Nineteen Days Later........

We celebrated my younger sister Emily's entrance into the "double digits".

Emily loves that was her party theme. :-)

Emmi with her cake.

Didn't Mama do a great job? She decorated the entire cake herself!

All of the girls. I have no idea why Natalie is hunched forward in this picture.......but I just loved her smile.

Traditionally, Natalie gets the bows off of the presents. One bow.....

A 3-D (horse) puzzle!

Two bows and a ribbon.....

San Domingo! I'm not very good at knowing who all of these Breyer horses are, but having read San Domingo: the Medicine Hat Stallion years ago, I knew who he was and his claim to fame. :-) Sadly, I can't say that for the rest of these horses.

Three bows! This reminds me of the elaborate headpieces Mrs. Gibson would wear on Wives and Daughters.


Rebekah: "Windtalker?!? Wow, Windtalker!"

" Windtalker?"


Emily explains exactly who "Windtalker" is.

Natalie listens in dignified silence.

Reading the cards......

Thank you Sara.......

Emily had been wanting a stuffed Breyer horse named Caramel for a long time, so we got it for her for her birthday.

M&M's anyone?

Battle of the birthday blow toy thingies.....(what are those called? )

Blowing out the candles!

For the rest of the day we played around with Breyer horses.......and watched King Kong while Natalie was napping. (by Emily's special request)


And in other news:

We are going out of town for the next week or so. I have some scheduled blog posts coming up for the next couple of days, including my pictures of the Feelin' Feminine Challenge, as well as the much promised but never posted reading list. Instead of doing June's list in July :-P I decided to go ahead and combine June, July and August into one post......and forgot to put it on my sidebar. :-( I apologise for being so slack with my blogging......we have been so very busy with everyday life around here, that I simply haven't felt like doing my blog! I will be getting back on board though.

Look out for some upcoming posts!

In Christ,


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